About us

About us

The company was established in 1998 as an Egyptian joint stock company to produce and export liquid vegetable frying and cooking oils, sunflower flower oil (corn oil - soybean oil), margarine, shortening and margarine (vegetable butter

The company's capital

100000000 Egyptian pounds (one hundred million Egyptian pounds

The total area

12000 sq.m.

Number of tanks

6 tanks for crude oils and 15 for refined oils

Total storage space

18000 tons

Storage stations

First: the oil storage station
in Suez

Address:Adabeya Port - Suez - Egypt
Number of tanks:10 tanks for crude oils
Area :4,600 sq.m.
Total storage capacity:18000 tons

Second: Damietta oil reception and storage station

Address:Damietta Port - Egypt
Number of tanks:8 tanks for crude oils
Area :2,400 m2
Total storage capacity:18500 tons